Add Mobility to Your IoT Solution


IoT2cell helps integrate people into your IoT business processes, by leveraging the power and ubiquity of the phone. With very little effort, IoT2cell helps you add collaborative response and task management capabilities to your IoT solution.

When a smart pipeline springs a leak, technicians, operators, cleanup crews and a host of others need to be alerted. They need augmented information such as pipeline esri maps, video from drones and GPS locations of resources and people.

All of this information is available in the palm of your hand through a time tested, user-friendly and well-crafted map based interface.


Not Just Predict, Act


IoT platforms look into large amounts of data to provide insights. IoT2cell turns these insights into tasks and provides a mobile ecosystem for users to perform those tasks.

If the system predicts the failure of a component, the technician could use GPS navigation and AR targeting to locate the component first. They could then use the augmented information associated with the component to fix the problem. Augmented information in this case may include:

  • Part numbers, technical manuals, etc.
  • Guided repair links
  • Maintenance history and schedule
  • Required tool list

With a single tap on the object (failing component), the technician can retrieve all the information necessary to complete the task. Proximity based filters make it very easy to locate information.


It's So Easy


The most compelling thing about IoT2cell is that it's so easy to add the above capabilities to your IoT solution. No extensive programming is required.

The process consists of the following steps:

  • Pre-configure IoT2cell with your users and their roles.
  • Connect to information sources.
  • Add your objects and their associated information.
  • Send simple messages to IoT2cell to initiate and orchestrate a response or schedule a task.

Augmented Reality Object Locator


As part of Zco, a leading custom mobile app developer and 3D studio, we are especially excited about bringing augmented reality to the IoT realm soon.

AR opens up exciting new possibilities in IoT on the go. Locate a failing component inside an elevator wall, Daisy among a herd of dairy cows, underground pipe damage, a nearby drone or even your teammates.

IoT2cell's 3D location aware objects and architecture were designed from the ground up to support augmented reality. 3-axis visual targeting, depth of field management and sophisticated filtering are provided to pinpoint objects.

Unlike other AR solutions that require expensive custom development for each particular case, IoT2cell AR is useful straight out of the box.


Augmented Reality Video Collaboration*

IoT2cell will support person-to-person real-time video chat with markup using their cell phones. This has significant productivity implications. By simply tapping an object, a technician in the field can find a list of qualified on duty subject matter experts and initiate a video chat. The selected expert can then provide guided repair assistance to the technician.

The video collaboration is seamlessly integrated into your IoT ecosystem. This sets it apart from other solutions. *coming soon

IoT2Cell An expert at your fingertip.

Video Broadcast

In many situations, broadcasting video to a large audience is important. A pipeline leak or flooded drainage system are examples.

A live broadcast appears as an icon on the map. Simply tap the icon to view the video.

Task Server and Incident Server

IoT2cell offers two powerful services to a) perform a task or b) manage an incident.

  • Task Server™ - If your analytics determine that a truck needs a tune up, only the people responsible for it need to be involved or bothered. In this case, your IoT app would schedule a task, which will appear in their inboxes. Rules defined in IoT2cell may narrow that down to a single person.
  • Incident Server™ - On the other hand, incidents such as an oil leak require a sophisticated multi-party response. Technicians who need to fix the leak, operators who need to shut off the oil flow and clean up crew have to work in unison. IoT2cell can handle these situations as well.

In fact, IoT2cell can combine these two features. When the pipe springs a leak, it can specify which technician should fix the leak or which operator should close the valve.

It's not just IoTs, people can participate too

No matter how pervasive the IoTs are, they cannot detect everything. If there is no IoT to detect a pump failure, the operator can manually schedule the task to fix it: Just tap on the pump icon on the map and select the task to "Fix." IoT2cell will make sure a mechanic will show up.

Ease into your IoT implementation

Ability to manually schedule a task or report an incident has implications for your IoT implementation plans:

  • Mobilizing your workforce even without IoTs has enormous benefits. Take the case of a two thousand mile pipeline that is monitored manually. When a worker sees a leak, they would use IoT2cell to report the problem, which initiates the response to it. You immediately get the benefits of improved response capabilities that mobilization offers.
  • As segments of the pipeline are "iotized," they can be seamlessly integrated into the system and correspondingly reduce the cost and need for manual monitoring and intervention.

IoT2cell Architecture

IoT2cell is a mobility platform that works in conjunction with other IoT platforms. Your solution running on those IoT platforms can communicate with IoT2cell through simple messaging. No extensive coding is necessary to add collaboration, task management and mobility to your solution.

IoT2cell consists of the following major components:

  • Data Fusion Engine - IoT2cell has open "connector" architecture that allows information from any source.
  • Location-based Services Engine - IoT2cell supports one of the most powerful LBS engines in the industry.
  • Map Centric User Interface - IoT2cell's user interface is powerful yet easy to use and learn. It uses our applet architecture to seamlessly extend functionality.

(AWS, Azure,
Watson, etc.)


Incident information


Incident, alerts & augmented info


Role based groups
w/ cell phones

Custom Mobile Apps

IoT2cell can fulfill some but not all of your mobility requirements. Many situations would require custom mobile apps, we can help you with that as well.

As a top rated custom mobile app developer with over 500 apps under its belt, Zco Corporation can help you define, design and deploy your mobile apps.

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AT&T Dallas Cowboys Stadium


IoT2cell was deployed at the AT&T Stadium during the 2018 NFL draft. IoT2cell directly connected FirstNet enabled CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive) detectors to first responders and their cell phones.

Until now CBRNE alerts and data were available to only a handful of people in command and control centers but not to the personnel in the field.



PublicEye, a P2P version of IoT2cell, "mobilizes" public safety. Just as IoT2cell connects IoTs to cell phones, PublicEye connects 911 callers to the first responders (Police, Fire & EMS) and their mobile devices.

PublicEye is in use in several U.S cities including Cambridge, Quincy, Lowell, Portsmouth, Worcester and many more. It is used in life and death situations every day.


Use Cases

Smart Pipeline

"Technologies such as distributed acoustic sensing, drone monitoring, advanced sensory for in-inline inspection of O&G pipelines and others have demonstrated true economic impact on pipeline operations." - Serhii Konovalov, Cisco Systems.

What has been missing is the ability to mount a rapid and robust response when something goes wrong. Until now.

Quick Action
With IoT2cell, when a leak is detected, the response team gets a push notification. Drone pilots, technicians, pipeline operators, cleanup crews and others can spring into action instantly. Quick action saves lives and prevents damages.

Augmented Information
IoT2cell provides tools and situational awareness information that will help team members perform their tasks. The drone pilot scans for spills and the cleanup crew uses live video to triage and plan. All important information is available on the map-based UI.

Homeland Security

IoT2cell has an advanced multi-jurisdiction architecture. This has huge implications for Homeland Security. Local, state and federal authorities can be independently alerted, and they can collaboratively respond when a HAZMAT is detected at a tollbooth, border crossing or a Port Authority.

Public Safety

PublicEye, a P2P version of IoT2cell, "mobilizes" public safety. Just as IoT2cell connects IoTs to cell phones, PublicEye connects 911 callers to the first responders (Police, Fire & EMS) and their mobile devices.


People calling 911


911 information




CAD + augmented data & alerts


First responders w/ cell phones

PublicEye is in use at many cities and towns in the United States. IoT2cell's advanced data fusion and location-based services engines, and its compelling user interface grew out of years of serving first responders.

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