Use Cases

AT&T Dallas Cowboys Stadium Infrastructure Protection

IoT2cell was deployed at the AT&T Stadium during the 2018 NFL draft. IoT2cell directly connected FirstNet enabled CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive) detectors to first responders and their cell phones.

Until now CBRNE alerts and data were available to only a handful of people in command and control centers but not to the personnel in the field.


Public Safety

PublicEye, a sister product of IoT2cell, "mobilizes" public safety. Just as IoT2cell connects IoTs to cell phones, PublicEye connects 911 callers to the first responders (Police, Fire & EMS) and their mobile devices.

PublicEye is in use in several U.S cities including Cambridge, Quincy, Lowell, Portsmouth, Worcester and many more. It has been used in life and death situations for over 7 years.

Smart Pipeline

"Technologies such as distributed acoustic sensing, drone monitoring, advanced sensory for in-inline inspection of O&G pipelines and others have demonstrated true economic impact on pipeline operations." - Serhii Konovalov, Cisco Systems.

What has been missing is the ability to mount a rapid and robust response when something goes wrong. Until now.


Quick Action

With IoT2cell, when a leak is detected, the response team gets a push notification. Drone pilots, technicians, pipeline operators, cleanup crews and others can spring into action instantly. Quick action saves lives and prevents damages.

Augmented Information

IoT2cell provides tools and situational awareness information that will help team members perform their tasks. The drone pilot scans for spills and the cleanup crew uses live video to triage and plan. All important information is available on the map-based UI.

Homeland Security

IoT2cell has an advanced multi-jurisdiction architecture. This has huge implications for Homeland Security. Local, state and federal authorities can be independently alerted, and they can collaboratively respond when a HAZMAT is detected at a tollbooth, border crossing or a Port Authority.


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